Expanding Our Manufacturer Base

Creative Signcrafters┬áhas expanded its manufacturer base for carved and sandblasted signage to better align ourselves with our customers’ needs. Signage components change all of the time and we are changing also. When we first started some 15+ years ago, we specified our carved signage and sandblasted signage from High Density Urethane otherwise known as HDU. We’ve now added to our product line carved signage and sandblasted signage made from wood (yes, back to wood), Composite Material and PVC. By being able to offer more substrates for the manufacture of our carved and sandblasted signage we can now offer signage that is more suited to each individual businesses specific need, customer expectations, and different customer budgets. This post will discuss why we’ve added more selections to our carved and sandblasted signage.

In the past Creative Signcrafters has offered primarily HDU. Additionally, at Creative Signcrafters we have high-quality considerations. I don’t say that to be pedestrian because one of the most over used words in the signage industry is high-quality. Part of the quality of the sign is not only the material used to build the sign but also the paint process used to add the beauty and finish to the sign. You wouldn’t purchaser a car painted with average paints and clearcoats and we don’t want our signs painted that way either. Ever wonder why that sign that was purchased at low-cost doesn’t look so good a year later? The paints and coating (if there was one) used were inferior but saved the manufacturer money so the price was lower. Ever wonder why the paint chipped? The paints and coating (if there was one) used were inferior. Ever wonder why that sign had a paint job that looked cheesy? The paint was brushed on because the manufacturer (in this case a small sign shop) did not have the capability to spray and then harden the paints. Try and claim a guarantee from these manufacturers and you’ll be disappointed – Caveat Emptor!

Because of the signs we sell we’ve found that over time and due to the complexities of working with HDU that was very long or large in size, that pricing had approached that of other materials that were costly when HDU first entered the signage market. In other words, we love HDU for its beauty and longevity but after reviewing the cost of working with HDU with larger signs we now believe that we can offer other signage materials at the same or lower cost which look just as good, last as long, and are suited for the project in question. Toward that goal we had to seek out and begin affiliations with signage manufacturers who could work with products other than HDU such as wood (redwood or cedar), PVC, and composite materials that had the longevity of HDU and at the same time these manufacturers had the paint processing in place to provide a quality and durable finish.

It took quite a bit of time to settle on the handful of manufacturers that we know we can rely on to provide a consistent product that is warrantied to last. We had to ascertain how they cut the signs, the type of HDU used, the specific paints and clearcoats used and how they were applied, and more. This was not an easy task. We truly had to find wholesalers in the industry that would stand behind their products. Many signage companies say they are wholesalers but they are not. We queried over 200 other commercial signage companies to see who they used before we settled on those wholesale signage companies that we will work with for carved signage and sandblasted signage.

Why did we work so hard to do this? Because you expect Creative Signcrafters to stand behind the signage you purchase from us so we need our manufacturers to stand behind the signage we buy from them. Aligning ourselves with manufacturers that provide superior products and choices gives Creative Signcrafters the ability to offer our customers a long-lasting beautiful sign at the right price to meet their budget.